Northern Associates is a family-operated, full-service civil engineering firm whose emphasis is on providing the highest quality professional services for commercial and residential projects. We provide all the expertise and support of a large company – but we also add that personal touch. At Northern Associates, we don’t just provide services, we partner with you on each project. It’s a collaborative process, where we explain all the details – from the initial planning stages through the completion of construction.

We are always available for advice or answering any questions that you might have.
Whether it’s a small job or a major construction project, we’re here to make the process easy, affordable and professional.

Contact us at 978-837-3335 or

Attorneys, Home
buyers and sellers

Attorneys, Home buyers and sellers
For real estate closings, Northern Associates provides attorneys, home buyers and home sellers with the necessary documentation, such as Mortgage Inspection Plans, Certified Plot Plans and Title Surveys.
Mortgage companies,
Title companies, Lenders

Mortgage companies, Title companies, Lenders
Northern Associates assists with the preparation of mortgage documents by supplying Mortgage Inspection Plans, ALTA Surveys and Title Surveys. We perform surveys for registered and unregistered land.
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